This is the 2nd bumper of Cartoon44's version of Toonami.

(A small little flying droid flies down a hole, and zooms through a tunnel)

Droid: Special Guest incoming message...

(Droid zips up a large hole and shoots out, right on T.O.O.N'S shoulder)

(T.O.O.N is on his chair, watching Ben 10: Omniverse)

Droid: Incoming message...

T.O.O.N: Hang on a second, friend. This is the good part!

Droid: Incoming message...

(Droid vibrates)

T.O.O.N: Hang on a second! Khyber just took Alien Tech from the Plumber's Achademy!!

Droid: Incoming message...


(Droid vibrates)


(T.O.O.N rips it's head off)

(T.o.o.n turns his chair around)

T.O.O.N: Oh...hey CN. Sorry it took a while. Ooops...sorry, friend.

(T.O.O.N looks at droid)

T.O.O.N: While I try to repair my friend, here, Teen Titans is coming up next.

(Shows Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy running after Slade)

Robin: It's over Slade.

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