The Re-Dub of Kirby: Right Back At Ya! will air on the Toonami Channel in November 2014 and all 100 episodes will be re-dubbed with the new English Cast.


Kirby Makiko Ohmoto
King Dedede John DiMaggio
Escargoon Kevin Hart
Tiff / Fumu Brie Larson
Tuff / Bun Colleen Clinkenbeard
Meta Knight John Krasinski
Nightmare Andrew Rannells
Customer Service Tom Kenny
Mayor Len Christopher Lloyd
Blade Knight Jonah Hill
Sword Knight Jimmy Fallon
Knuckle Joe Channing Tatum
Lady Like Bryce Dallas Howard
Walky Patrick Stump
Sir Ebrum John C Reilly
Professor Curio Nolan North
Hohhe Zach Callison
Mabel Karen Strassman
Chef Kawasaki Eric Stonestreet
Melman Brian Doyle-Murray
Samo Mike Pollock
Whispy Woods Maurice LaMarche
Fololo Tara Strong
Falala Grey DeLisle
Tokkori Alan Tudyk
Rick Makiko Ohmoto
Waddle Doo Jennifer Hale
Chief Bookem Steven Blum
Mayor's Wife Blythe Danner


  • All 100 Episodes will be re-dubbed.
  • The re-dub will be rated TV-14, as profanity will be added.
  • The re-dub will be retitled Kirby Of The Stars and the japanese theme will be translated to English and performed by Ellie Goulding.

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