The American Dub of Powerpuff Girls Z will air on the Toonami Channel on March 28 2015, immediately after the 2015 SmashTV Awards.

Blossom Cathy Cavadini
Bubbles Tara Strong
Buttercup EG Daily
Professor Drake Utonium Tom Kane
Ken Utonium Colleen Clinkenbeard
Peach / Poochi Brian Beacock
Mayor Tom Kenny
Miss Bellum Jennifer Martin
Miss Keane Jennifer Hale
Mojo Jojo Roger Jackson
Fuzzy Lumpkins Jim Cummings
Him Tom Kane
Princess Morbucks Jennifer Hale
Ace TJ Miller
Big Billy Jeff Bennett
Grubber Jeff Bennett
Little Arturo Carlos Alazraqui
Snake Cree Summer
The Amoeba Boys Chuck McCann
Sedusa Jennifer Hale
Brick Rob Paulsen
Boomer Rob Paulsen
Butch Nicholas Hoult

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