TOM: Space Is The Place is an hour-long show aired on Pablo's version of Toonami. Its basic premise is to bring viewers 1 hour of TOM doing what he does best- review games, give you a few life lessons, and just be awesome.


TOM 3.5 is flying towards the Revalation in space, and he comes on board, followed by some Clydes. TOM presses a button to talk to Sara, and says "I'll be up there in just a sec.". He jets around the Revalation's hallways, high-fiving PAB and grabbing some games to review. He makes it to his seat, and presses a button on the screen, as the logo comes on screen and TOM says "Space is the place. Bang."

Stuff TOM does during the hourEdit

  • Reviews recent games
  • Plays awesome jams
  • Hangs out with Sara, the Clydes, and PAB
  • Shows short 'best of' montages for certain animes
  • ...and much more!


Episode 1: Space is PumpingEdit

Game reviews: Star Fox 64 3D, Tetris Axis, Sonic Generations

Music played: (check

Best Of Montage: One Piece

Other stuff: TOM and Sara take you on a tour of the Revalation, and PAB attempts to show you what's under TOM's helmet... only to rip it off and realize it IS his head.

More Episodes Coming Soon!Edit

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